The Company

A history of traditions and love

As of today, the company “Cavalier Bartolomeo” is run by Dario Borgogno alongside his wife Marriaje and his son Alex.

The patriarch,
a craftsman style

A few rows of peach trees behind the house; He arises from there, where he’s been doing some little work since the morning. Peasantly dressed and careful of the detail and the whole which nowadays only people of ancient civilization have been able to keep, even in work clothes, old and worn out for use, certainly very clean and cared for. Hat and waistcoat, as it is in the customs of these lands, not by chance: the hat protects him for the strong sun, the vest over the shirt protects from sudden changes in temperature. He is a Patriarch, the symbol of a time that disappears and resists together. He shows a little over 70 years, but he is 92. Its courtesy and its sense of hospitality are very old, they come from generations and generations of farmers and winemakers of his family who have worked this land and these hills where the kings’ wine is born. Bartolomeo Borgogno, born in 1899, proud of having been alpine, is proud of his wines.

The Barolo Method

We’ve been working amid our vineyards with passion since five generations, in order to preserve and enhance these difficult and precious lands located in Garbelletto, 3 km away from Barolo. In the last years the number of large companies has multiplied, which has certainly had the great merit of making known the quality of the local wines. But the making of the Barolo is a whole other story: it is a craft, in which one must employ a lot of expertise. Thus, the wine, that Wine, comes from a cycle of work that can never be completely industrial.

The Patriarch has learned that little bit more and has passed it on to his son and nephew: patience to sagacity, continuous attention to the vineyard, updating on materials, from barrels to bottles, from tools to agricultural machinery.