An ancient

Our company was founded in 1924 by grandfather Cavalier Bartolomeo, who learned to vintage the grapes of his own vineyards thanks to his father. Three generations later, most of the vines are now renewed except for those belonging to the Nebbiolo da Barolo, which remained intact and untouched; the cellar was modernized and improved with the introduction of a selected use of the barriques as well as new and more supervised means of fermentation. As of today the winery produces a total of 15’000 bottles per year.

The company is situated in the heart of the Barolo area in the small hamlet of Garbelletto, beneath the town of Castiglione Falletto. We can be reached along the highway that goes from Alba to Barolo, by taking the left turn 300 meters before the crossing ‘Barolo - La Morra’.

His majesty Barolo

Solemn and elegant, the Barolo keeps the imprint of the land that grows it.

The roots of quality

Castiglione dates back to the ancient Rome, and is in fact born as a roman village. During the Middle Ages it became a possession of the Marquises of Saluzzo, who erected an imposing quadrangular fortress on the surrounding hills. Having become a possession of several feudal families of the Aleramici dinasty, Castiglione then belonged to the french who held it until 1601, year in which the Treaty of Lyon declared the town as property of the Savoy.

From that moment onwards, Castiglione kept being Piedmontese territory of the House of Savoy up to the Unification of Italy. From the religious standpoint it belonged to the diocese of Alba since its foundation; in 1511 it became part of the Diocese of Saluzzo, then passed to Asti at the time of the reform carried out by Napoleon and, in 1817, returned to the diocese of Alba. The name “Falletto” was inserted in 1589, when the Falletti family took its lordship.